Water Technologies, Enviromental Safety

Conservation of the basic resources such as water, and environmental safety are the most important paradigms influencing the economic development of the world.

Donauchem Polska steps up to these requirements by providing chemical products and proper solutions for drinking water treatment as well as sewage treatment for both household and industrial waste; moreover, the products and solutions are also used for air and gases purification as well as waste incineration plants.

Being part of the international Donau Chemie group, one of the leading companies in the industry in the Central and Western Europe, we are able to make use of its technology and many years of experience.

The experienced team of consultants at our disposal means we are able to provide:

  • a full technical information for each of our products
  • access to samples prepared in our own laboratories
  • engineer services by the most well known manufacturers
  • using the raw materials as per individual customer specifications
  • availability of chemical components in various packaging types and concentrations
  • presence on national and international industrial fairs
  • full logistic support for optimal product delivery
  • access to current legal regulations and any required documentation

Donauchem Polska product offer for the water and sewage industry includes the following product groups:

  • aluminum based coagulants (poly-aluminum chlorides - Donau PAC) and iron based coagulants (ferric chlorides Donau Klar, Donaufloc)
  • flocculating agents
  • chemicals for water and sewage disinfection and deodoration
  • chemicals for precipitation of phosphorus from sewage
  • chemicals for pre-oxidation of water
  • chemicals for thermal disposal of sewage deposits
  • water softening agents
  • chemical agents for regeneration of ion exchange beds
  • filtration beds
  • Donau Carbon activated carbons
  • Omega series Coventya products (anion flocculants, antifoam agents, inorganic coagulants, cation polymers, metal precipitation agents)
  • corrosion inhibitors and calcium deposit removal agents

Donauchem Polska is the exclusive distributor of Donau Chemie coagulants and Donau Carbon activated carbons
All the products meet the applicable safety and environmental safety standards as well as the hygienic approvals for drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater and sewage treatment.

Detailed information regarding Donauchem Polska water and sewage industry products can be found in the attached product information brochures, or by directly contacting the Sales and Technological Consultation Specialist, or our sales representative.


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