Responsible Care Program

Donauchem Polska has declared joining the "Responsible Care" Program.

Consequently, the company is committed to take appropriate actions to continuously reduce the negative impact of its business onto the environment, to improve safety and health of its employees as well as of the local community.

In its business activity, Donauchem Polska has undertaken to adhere to the Guiding Principles of the "Responsible Care" Program, formulated and approved by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry - Employers' Association.

Taking into account the specificity of its business, Donauchem Polska has committed itself to:
  • ensuring that its business does not generate excessive risks to its employees, contractors, customers, the local community and the environment,
  • maintaining written documentation covering its scope of activity, which guarantees that the company's health, safety and environmental policy includes the principles of the "Responsible Care" Program as an integral part of the business strategy,
  • providing its employees, contractors, customers, governing bodies, etc. with relevant information about its products in regard of their impact onto health, safety and the environment,
  • guaranteeing that all employees are aware of training required in order to be fully engaged in the implementation of objectives relating to safety, health and environmental protection,
  • establishing and maintaining a relevant hazards (threats) response system,
  • participating in activities aimed at improving business quality in regard of safety, employees' health and environmental protection,
  • responding to concerns raised by the local community in relation to the company's business.
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