Food Industry

Food industry producers will find in Donauchem offer materials
applied in facilities of various ranges and production characteristics,
such as: carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, confectionery, bakery, fruit and vegetable processing, dairying, ice-cream production, meat industry and mixes for meat and fish industry.

Donauchem Poland – Food Industry team is a group of specialized technical advisors and sales representatives with many years of experience in the industry and providing the following services:

• selecting specialized and basic food products adjusted to your production needs
• possibility to test the suggested products in an application laboratory
• possibility to present ready products with our materials and market novelties
• advisory visits of our technologists and technologists from companies cooperating with us
• services of a specialized laboratory of a supplier conducting comparison analysis of the products
• basic start recipes for selected food products
• up-to-date information on the latest technologies and innovative high quality products
• training and seminars on new products and new food industry technologies
• internal sensory trainings for the staff of companies cooperating with us
• participation in national and international industry sector fairs
• logistics support ensuring optimal delivery execution
• 14 sales representatives dealing with food industry servicing
• access to current and latest laws and regulations and the documentation required

The Donauchem Poland offer for food industry comprises of the following product groups:

• BASF emulsifier in a liquid, powder or a paste form
• glucose syrup – various types in pallet containers, barrels and buckets
• products for food: edible glucose, sorbitol 70%, corn starch, soya flour, maltodextrin of different saccharification level
• thickeners including Trobas pork gelatin of different gelation levels
• lactic acid and its Galactic company derivatives
• dyes
• sweetening substances and intensive sweeteners
• preservatives and regulators
• acid regulators
• antioxidants
• carriers and extraction solvents

Donauchem in Poland is the sole distributor of products of such companies as: Trobas, Galactic.

BASF - the world leader in technologies and manufacturing of single emulsifiers and emulsifying-regulating compounds. It offers solutions for confectionery (in particular for desserts, powder ice-cream concentrate), for bakery ( in particular for cakes, bread and bread rolls) as well as for producers of spice mixtures for meat industry.

Trobas –European manufacturer of pork gelatin which used in various branches of the food sector.

Detailed information on the products offered by Donauchem Polska Sp. z o.o. you can find in a product offer or when directly contacting our Sales Development Manager for Food Industry or contacting our other sales representatives 
Paulina Ratajczak Business Development Manager - Food Industry
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