Metal Industry

Manufacturing plants active in the metal industry will find that Donauchem Polska offers superior quality of service and a very broad assortment of products. Our offering of chemical raw materials will prove indispensable for various facilities with different manufacturing profiles, such as galvanising plants, hot-dip zinc coating plants, aluminium anodising plants, foundries, paint shops, and our cooperating sewage treatment plants.

The team consists of specialist technical advisors and dealers. It provides the following services:
  • choosing and presenting the best processes and products which will suit your needs
  • providing an opportunity for you to check the suggested processes and products in a laboratory or during the production in your factory
  • providing an opportunity for you to see the processes at work in industrial conditions in manufacturing plants where they take place
  • offering service and consultative visits of our technologists as well as the technologists from cooperating companies who come to Poland 
  • offering service of a specialized laboratory, which performs analyses, bath transformations, application tests and coating patterns
  • constant supervision of galvanizing baths by technical employees
  • reporting the latest news about state-of-the-art technologies and innovative products of the highest quality
  • organizing trainings and symposia on products and technologies prepared exclusively for your employees
  • presence on national and international industrial fairs
  • supervising the deliveries in order to provide the best delivery service
  • offering access to the latest laws and the required documentation

The offer of Donauchem Polska for the metal industry includes the following groups of products:
  • Conventya technologies and products for surface and galvanizing treatment
  • basic chemicals, acids, alkali, salts
  • metals and metal salts
  • degreasing and cleaning products
  • solvents
  • industrial lubricants and processing coolants
  • industrial wastewater treatment products

Donauchem is the sole distributor of Conventya products in Poland.
Coventya is the world leader in galvanized coating technologies. It offers field-tested technological solutions for technical, protective and decorative coatings for many branches of industry: aviation industry, automotive industry, construction industry, fittings, electrical and electronic devices, lighting, wire products, decorative furniture elements, jewellery and accessories, printing houses, packaging etc.

Conventya offers innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies and processes of galvanizing treatment and surface preparation, which are easy to implement. These are:
  • chemical, electrochemical and ultrasonic cleaning
  • etching extras
  • aluminium and Zamak treatment
  • traditional galvanizing technologies as well as zinc-nickel and zinc-iron alloy galvanizing technologies
  • passivation based on trivalent chromium: white, blue, yellow, black
  • sealants which improve the protection of anti corrosion coating or decrease the surface friction factor
  • galvanized or chemical nickel-plating technologies
  • glossy and satin copper plating technologies - NEW
  • tinning technologies
  • bronzing technologies - yellow bronze and white bronze, which eliminate nickel
  • silvering processes
  • environmentally-friendly plastic metalization processes
Agnieszka Żaba Business Development Manager - Metal Industry
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