Activated Carbon

Donau Carbon GmbH – the activated carbon manufacturer is a sister company to Donauchem Polska, the two companies together are part of the Donau Chemie group.

Since many years, Donau is active in manufacturing, development, sales and industrial application of activated carbon; moreover, it is also involved in the construction of adsorption systems and sets to be used with its products. All environmental problems related to product use are successfully solved by the activated carbon reuse and disposal services at the company facilities in Frankfurt, Germany and Pischelsdorf, Austria.

The newest Donau Carbon Philippines Corp. facility manufactures high quality granulated activated carbon for selective filtration, using high end manufacturing solutions. The facility operation is subject to German quality and safety regulations, utilizing highly advanced manufacturing and processing solutions.

There are over 100 different types of activated carbon currently available at Donau Carbon.

The full spectrum of available products includes various types of activated coals, powdered, granulated and extruded, manufactured from a variety of raw materials, such as: coal, lignite, coconut shells or wood via a number of activation processes:

  • steam-based activation
  • zinc chloride-based activation
  • phosphoric acid-based activation
The processes of manufacturing and activation of the raw materials has a decisive influence on the adsorptive properties of the final product. For substances which cannot be adsorbed with activated carbon alone Donau Carbon offers different types of impregnated carbon.

Activated carbons have a number of potential applications:

for water and sewage treatment:
  • treatment of sewage and drains from landfills, purification of groundwater
  • treatment of swimming pool water
  • treatment of aquarium water
  • treatment of industrial waste water and process liquids
  • treatment of drinking water

EPIBON® for filtration

SUPERSORBON® for reuse of solvents

DESOREX® for treatment of air and gases:
  • deodorization
  • recovery of solvents, purification of exhaust gases, stack gases, purification of natural gas
  • purification of biogases
  • purification of soil vapors

CARBOPAL® for cleaning liquids (decolorization and dehydration):
  • in food and beverage industry
  • in chemical industry
  • in pharmaceutical industry

OXORBON® for purification of natural gas, H2S removal

ALCARBON® for special applications:
  • cabin air filters
  • cigarette filters
  • gold industry
  • special types of impregnation (sulfur impregnation for gas purification and silver impregnation for water filters, etc.)

Based on the many years of experience, Donau Carbon offers expert consulting services and technical and implementation assistance. The company also offers chemical analysis services using own laboratories and supplying the customers with the necessary solutions for various branches of industry.

Detailed information regarding activated carbons available at Donauchem Polska can be found in the attached information brochures, or by directly contacting the Sales and Technological Consultation Specialist for Environmental Safety and Water Technologies.

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