Building Industry Chemicals, Paints and Lacquers

The Department of Building Industry Chemicals, Paints and Lacquers offers a range of materials for building, road construction, ceramics production, insulation and sealing products.

The strong points of our offer are the products by Organik Kimya company, the manufacturer of a vast array of highly advanced adhesives, dispergators and rheology modifiers.
The expanded R&D department, two highly advanced manufacturing facilities (in Istanbul and in Rotterdam) position Organik Kimya as the leading European manufacturer of lacquer and paint raw materials, and among the leading suppliers of construction chemistry.
Organik Kimya company stands for advanced technology, high product quality and care about the customer.

Since August 2013 we start distribution of Bukóza Invest products: Greencel - high quality cellulose fibers for production of construction chemicals, paints, asphalt roofing and bitumen products.

Our experienced technical advisors and sales representatives provide the following services:
  • presenting new products, organizing symposia and trainings for the clients,
  • organizing visits of technical advisors representing the most important suppliers,
  • providing information about the latest trends,
  • providing the access to start and ready-made formulations database ,
  • offering help with production and preparation of your own formulas and the optimalization of technological processes,
  • conducting basic tests in application laboratory,
  • offering help in conducting research in certified external laboratories,
  • providing full technical documentation of the offered products,
  • providing information on the laws in force.
We cooperate with the largest international producers of chemical materials, which makes it possible for us to offer our clients a wide range of products:
  • redispersible powders from ORGACHEM company which belongs to the ORGANIK KIMYA Group,
  • Greencel - cellulose fibers from Slovak Company BUKÓZA INVEST - designed for construction chemicals, paints, asphalt     roofing materials and bitumen products,
  • acrylic, styrene-acrylic dispersions, gelling agents and rheology modifiers,
  • PCC Rokita humidifers,
  • sepiolitic and bentonite mineral gelling agents of a Spanish company TOLSA,
  • white inorganic pigments FP-Pigment,
  • hydrophobizators, silicone resin, defoamers of a German company Graf,
  • natural and synthetic waxes
  • Shell, Total and Sasol solvents,
  • coalescents and plasticizers,
  • mineral fillers,
  • silicas.
Building chemistry sector offers more than 300 different materials used to produce:
  • glues and plasters for insulation
  • glues for structural clay products
  • self levelling compounds to concrete floors and industrial floors,
  • decorative and protective paints,
  • road marking paints and masses
  • wood and plastic glues
  • rustproofing
  • furniture, windows and door varnishes
  • acrylic, silicone, rubber and polyurethane sealants
  • hydroinsulation, impregnates.
These products fulfil strict quality, safety and environmental requirements.
For detailed information on Donauchem Polska building chemistry products, please see the product offer or contact the sales manager or sales representatives directly.
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